Weight Loss and the Cap of Invisibility

This is a progress on one of my resolutions posts. Or two of them. Exercise and weight loss.  So resolution number 3 lose 10lbs by March  has not come to pass, ahem. I lost 3lbs which I think was a result of the mile and a half running to work 2-3 times week.  I think once my body had adjusted and I continued to graze freely from leftovers from the buffets that roll into work every week, any weightloss ceased.  So this week I joined Weight Watchers again.  I fully recognise that diets don't work and it is a mindset change but I was reasonably happy on WW and felt I could eat like that permanently. However I did hit a wall at 11 stone last time and got disheartened. Did I find a way to navigate the challenge? Meditate on words of wisdom? Revisit my goals? No, I thought stuff it and took myself off to Greggs and put a stone and a half back on.  But I have a new steely resolve and four brand new pairs of trousers and a White Stuff jacket in a size too small. (These were purchased before the resolution about not buying any more clothes in  a size too small I PROMISE.)

I have been heavier (14 stone) but what has made me think was what I read about waist size and cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  It is not news but it particularly struck me this week. A women with a waist size of over 35 inches is at serious risk.  32 inches or less is preferable.

Mine is 39 inches.

I have upped the exercise this week and am running 5k twice a week while Little E is at nursery. Running with several extra pounds is a feeling akin (I can only imagine) to a sheep running, you know the way their whole bodies wobble up and down in one fluid movement from neck to tail  I arrive back at nursery puce and sweaty and the rate I run at makes me wish I was invisible.  Thankfully I do have a hat of invisibility. A la Harry Potter. Its name is Scabby Cap. Scabby Cap has been my running mate for  several years and several important races. It is imbibed with the power to render the wearer INVISIBLE. Yes, even with my day glo running shirt I am free to pound the streets free from ridicule and sniggering. It was once new and shiny and just called 'cap'. It is now a faded beauty and my brothers dog took a shine to it and chewed the brim, but this enabler has previously allowed me to emerge as if from a chysalis a fitter, firmer version of myself. So despite offers to replace it, Scabby Cap is here to stay.

Wish me luck! (again.)


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