St Davids Day Makes: Day 6 (and Llanelli half marathon)

Today has been a long day, up at half six to get ready to go and watch my brother  in the Llanelli half marathon.  By a funny coincidence his run number was my Dads year of birth and today is the anniversary of Dads death.  Dad was also a keen athlete, something he has passed onto my brother (and to me - if only sporadically!) After about an hour and a half in the freezing blowy cold, we all went out for Sunday lunch which was lovely.

So back to St Davids week. I know I've done one set of bunting but after lamenting the lack of Welsh ladies amongst the schools craft items yesterday I thought I would have to do something that incorporated them and it had to be something I could do in the car.  So here is the Welsh Lady bunting complete with googly eyes.......

When we got home we had a go at using the Welsh dragon mold with some Plaster of Paris. They look ok - although apprently they need to be sealed with acylic paint before you paint them....I didn't know that so when Little E applied the poster paint  the first one sort of melted.  So we just rubbed some dry poster paint power over the dragons and hung them on the tree and they looked fine.

That's the end of St Davids week!


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