#PinAddict Win: Trip to London Zoo!

So, I won something, I actually won something. Ok, it was a random pick but it was still me that was randomly picked! I haven't won anything since I did a litter poster in Junior school in 1981.  And the odd tenner on the lottery.  But apart from that, nothing!
Thank you to Louise at Sew Scrumptious for my  prize, an Experience Days voucher and Viv over at Melksham Mum for hosting March's extremely excellent PinAddicts Challenge.

As I was travelling to London to see my sister Pip this week I traded my voucher for tickets to London Zoo.  I haven’t been for nearly 20 years and it was lovely.  I vaguely remember being photographed with my little nieces inside the Giraffe house in 1994ish.  It must be that long ago as they both have children of their own now.  For our visit this week it was a beautiful sunny day and Little E ran himself ragged looking at all the animals. Some were more appealing than others....
Little E's body language speaks volumes in response to the question,
'Would you like to stroke the ferret?'

The butterfly house was just lovely, it is amazing to see these huge butterflies flying overhead and the racks of chrysalises spinning and twitching and waiting to emerge.

There was underwater penguin action.

And a closer look above the water.

The Komodo dragon seemed to hold Little E's interest and they sat eyeballing each other for a long time.  Auntie Pip explained they eat people if they get the chance. Thanks Pip, I fully expect the nightmares to start shortly.

There were many others of course: lions, tigers, gorillas, aardvarks and goats. A wonderful day out which probably wouldn't have happened without my #PinAddicts win! Entries for April's #PinAddicts no. 3 are due over at Sew Scrumptious on April 2nd. 

So get creating!  


  1. What a lovely way to use the vouchers. Looks like you had a great day out! Thanks for sharing. Are you making something for Aprils challenge?

  2. We did have a fab time and I'm definately in for Aprils challenge!


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