The Weekend (again!)

The Weekend, again, so quickly! What happened to last week?

On Saturday we celebrated Mothers' day a day early and went to lunch en masse with my sister, mother, neice, great niece and the only male contingent, Little E. But he did hold his own, he seems to have found his (loud, carrying) voice in the last week.  Little Bro was invited but had tickets for the rugby in Cardiff and as it was Wales' last game in the Six Nations we couldn't blame him.  It was a beautiful day at the beach if a little blowy and Little E was delighted to have his cousin to play with. Yes I know more beach pictures, I make no apologies, but I think my blog needs a new name.

Sunday was also beautiful if bitingly cold and we ventured into the woods to walk the dog and play a bit of hide and seek. 


I received a little primrose in a felt basket from Little E and we wrapped up some pamper bits for Mam and added a little hand sewn tag. I also, a bit embarassingly, finally finished the binding on the lap quilt I made for Mam for Christmas.  I felt a bit lost yesterday and it seems to be extending into today.  You know that feeling you should be doing something, but you aren't quite sure what it is?


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