St Davids Day makes: Day 5

Ok, today is a bit of a cheat because we havent actually made anything (unless you count sandcastles). However we have been to the St Davids Food Festival and the Cawl Cooking Championships.  Whilst visiting the marquees we saw a fab display of St Davids themed creations by the local school, mainly consisting of dragons, daffodils, castles and the occasional Welsh lady.  Welsh ladies just don't seem to be a la mode these days.

Then we paid our entry which included the Cawl cooking trail and were given our little cawl pottery bowls to enable us to frequent 11 local pubs/restaurants for a small bowl of cawl and then pronounce judgement via a score was a mixed bag to be sure and as any good Welsh son or daughter knows, no-one cooks cawl like your Mam.  However we were in agreement that of the 6 of 11 establishments we visited, The Marina was,  in our opinion, the winner of 'Cawl most like Mams'. 

In a cawl eating interlude we went to the beach and used our cawl dishes to build sandcastles.  After a promisingly sunny start it came to rain and with Little E on the grouchy side we abandoned the Cawl trail and retired home for an afternoon sleep. Nice.

Tomorrow the Llanelli Half marathon.


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