Marble Painting and Water Play

I've seen this in a few places now so we thought so yesterday we decided we would have a go.  We sellotaped a few pieces of paper to the bottom of a plastic storage box, put a few splots of paint in and started rolling.

Little E did enjoy it but liked washing and drying the marbles repeatedly more I think. He loves water play best of all at the moment and it can fully occupy him for an hour but always requires a complete change of clothes afterwards.

Little E's marble art.

So water play being the order of the day and me cottoning onto the joys of a simple plastic storage box this morning we part filled said box with water and added some of the left over Halloween food colouring to the water, orange and then black.

And all before 9.00am in the morning thanks to Little E deciding 5.00am is his new wake up time....hurrah.


  1. I love the way the marble painting looks framed!


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