St Davids Day makes: Day 3

Cakes and Cawl....

A very late post, its practically day 4 but anyway tonight was cakes and cawl. I'd like to tell you the cawl recipe, but there is no recipe as such but it always contains lamb, carrots, swede, potato and lots of fresh parsley. Yum! It tastes better if its made the day before and Mam obliged whilst I was at work (Thanks Mam).

We made some lovely Welsh cakes and fairy cakes and Little E added the daffodils and Welsh dragons (not sure that comes through in the picture!) We made the dragons using fondant and a dragon mould. The sugarcraft daffodils are a bit beyond me so we bought those.

And finally Pinwheel Daffodils painted by Little E to decorate the window. 
Over and out, I am  off to bed!


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