Saturday, 19 November 2011

Christmas Sewing: Advent Calendar

So you would be forgiven for thinking this is not actually a blog about sewing such has been the content of late. But enough frippery. Actually you can never have too much frippery. Frippery is a much under-rated thing. But even so, I have now started my advent calendar for Little E. I have a Riley Blake charm pack (called Christmas Candy) I am using. I can just about get two sides of a boot cut out from each charm and here is the link to the fabulous tutorial.

I've abandoned the pink ones, too girlie.

Its a bit more fiddly than it looks to an inexperienced sewer like me.  I have made 4 bootees so far, two were really awful (you can't really tell from the pic) and two were fine. The numbers I chose to sew up that were fine were 23rd December and 25th December.  I was then reliably informed there is no 25th December on an advent calendar so I actually only have one completed bootee.  

Bah Humbug. 

What can I say, deprived childhood, we didn't have advent calendars.

It might have made sense to start with 1st December but I thought all the really lame bootees would be at the beginning of the month and as I get better the good ones will be at the end. So I thought it might be better to spread the lame boots throughout the calendar rather than bunching them up together so they could happily bask in the reflected glory of the better looking bootees. I hope you can follow the logic. I suppose they are stockings not bootees. But anyway. I should tell you that despite being cut out from the same template, they have a only a passing resemblance to each other once sewn up......

Somewhat ambitiously, I also have the fabric for a lap quilt for my mum for Christmas. I am keeping it fairly simple as time is short. The charm pack is called Flurry. Fingers crossed I won't be up sewing at midnight on Christmas Eve. (I think we both know I will but hopefully it will be in a haze of Eggnog or Baileys or some other drink that only comes out at Christmas).

We also seem to be squeezing as much beach time out of the continuing mild weather as possible.  Although Little E's penchant for jumping in puddles (rockpools) a la Peppa Pig may necessitate some new Wellies and a full wetsuit in due course.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Listography: Five famous folk I used to fancy as a teenager....

So I've paid a visit to Meanyjar and Kate's list of their top 5 teenage crushes and decided to take part in my first listography. So after a great deal of thought here's my Teenage Kicks....

1. Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) in View To a Kill
Definately one of the first to float my boat.....not sure why,  he was evil in this film, ruthless baddies are not usually my thing.  

2. Morten Harket AHa
Just Lovely! I'm standing by this one. I still would.

3. Surely this pair only count as 1? Jon Bon Jovi and Joey Tempest of Europe.
This pair adorned my walls as a teenager.  Greasy long haired rockers were the order of the day.

4. Aye Blossom, its Christopher Lambert in Highlander.
The intense stare, and more lank, long hair. 

5. Tom Selleck
An oldie and a goodie. Not to mention pass master of the cookie duster. 
I know Tom appears on a few peoples list but I am sure I can't be a lone in my teenage adoration for the others ? Surely?!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

So that was Halloween...

....all the build up, all the anticipation.

And I was ill.

I felt really rough, laid low with some kind of virus pretty much from Thursday evening and still feeling the effects. Several times JJ said 'are you sure you are up to doing this party?' and each time the answer 'of course, of course' (I was in denial, I am almost never ill). On the day I was like the cold, clammy, walking dead so that was appropriate if nothing else. My neice's flight was delayed several hours from New York and everyone was late turning up. I gave up trying to make the spider cake topper and the halloween cake pops and the botched Toffee apples ended up in the bin.

On the up side, the kids enjoyed it , even if Little E refused to don his spider outfit for more than a few moments, they made halloween cards and decorated halloween cakes. The gingerdead men were pretty good, if not entirely like the picture on the packet (when are they ever?!)and the cake inspired by Snowybliss tasted great although was also a little lacking in the looks department but not being the superficial types we woofed it down anyway.

Pretty subdued Halloween decor I think.
Littel E: Candles are for blowing out!

The kids cakes they decorated. They shunned the idea of spider cakes with liquorice legs and had their own creative ideas.  Mostly this involved putting everything they had on the cakes.
More is always more in children's world!

Spider cake with a birthday candle