St Davids Day makes: Day 4

What a beautiful spring day it was today.  We went for a walk out at Castlemartin. The  peace was punctuated by tank noise and machine gun fire at the range which I have never heard at such close quarters. We bimbled up and down the road looking at the Daffodils and snowdrops in the hedgerows and wondered why we have so few days where we just enjoy ourselves with no pressure to do anything or be anywhere. These peaceful interludes were a lot more frequent when I was on maternity leave when walks with my Mother and Little E  (usually ending with tea and cake) were a near daily occurrence.   Little E wore his newly completed red dragon/dino hat.... tutorial here. Although maybe it was a mistake making it entirely in red as my sister says it looks like a chickens comb.....

Hmmmm. Maybe.Thanks for the observation. I can't get it out of my head now! I'm thinking the addition of a small patch like the one below will elucidate things.

Mam made us some of these daffodils to add to our St Davids Tree . Free pattern here, Daffodil crochet pattern I will have a go at one tomorrow, apparently very easy but a bit fiddly. Our daffs are a bit chunkier than the example on acount of not having the right wool in the house. The pic is the first one we made so not perfect. This light yellow one below is the one from the pattern site.

We also dropped into the library to pick up our dragon stories and made a sock puppet dragon. Little E seemed to find the sock puppet idea hilarious when the sock puppet was just a sock and was much less entertained by the whole idea once I had gone to the trouble of adding googly eyes, and sewn wings and fire onto the sock dragon to accompany the stories.  Isn't it always the way.

Tomorrow is the Cawl Cooking championship in Saundersfoot, I hope it is another lovely day.


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