The Weekend

It's hard to believe from the inky sky but it was so warm on the beach on Saturday we ended up disgarding our coats.  The tide was a long way out but the sands were still wet so I think it must have been a spring tide. We played football and looked for dragons in caves. In celebration of JJ's birthday Mam babysat Little E and we went out to dinner (a very rare occurrence) and it was lovely. The weekend was very short and JJ went back to Crewe yesterday afternoon.  But not before a massive fatboys breakfast in the village in the morning and a Sunday roast at home. Hmmm...what  a lot of eating we seem to have done. It's not quite all a big love in, tensions rose as we approached the time to leave. JJ started twittering on about the quality of bin bags I had bought (poor, and I overfill them apparently) and that there is too much food crammed in the freezer (so it isn't effective at freezing)....I grit my teeth. I am no martyr for sure but a row before leaving about bloody binbags seems utterly pointless.

Living and working apart is tough all round. Little E woke up at 3 am asking for Daddy and I am feeling pretty flat myself. Lows follow highs as always so another project is needed!

And I think this is it! Little E has taken an interest in playing shop in the last day or so and I think a little shop front with bunting (of course) an awning and a sign saying 'Little E Enterprises' is the order of the day.  I have a couple of small half done things to do first but I can set my thinking cap to the shop while I do those. 

I am thinking along these lines, with an open front.....

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  1. What a lovely beach you have near you. My husband is starting to work away soon and already the tension is being felt by the children, my five year old in particular is using it emotionally - against me obviously! I feel for you x x
    Anyway, I have news for you! You were drawn as the #pinaddicts challenge winner this month wahoo!! I don't think you are on twitter are you? Could you email me your email address so I can get the prize emailed over? X x

  2. The working away is pretty trying, but we have settled into a routine of sorts and I have had to get more organised (not my strength!). Thank the Lord for my mother living up the road too.

    Thanks for picking my number - really made my day - I have emailed you, I am on twitter but not really got to grips with that so far!


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