Appliqued onsies for Olivia

So now St Davids week is over I can show you my appliqued onsies which I made for Olivia, our newest family member.  Her Mum loved them along with the gift for her big sister Grace which will be featured in tomorrows post for the PinAddicts challenge.

The name was a bit fiddly to do and I am not sure how well these things wash.  Usually I try to blanket or zigzag stitch the outsides but I haven't  mastered that yet and I always get problems with tension (both the machine and man made variety), so these are straight stitched and much easier for that! Olivias little bootees from an Amy Butler pattern are still a work in progress so another post to follow....


  1. These are lovely!, must have taken ages x

    1. Thank you, suprisingly quick once you've got the idea of what you want to put on them x


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