Monday, 16 April 2012

Real Nappy Week

It's Real Nappy Week!

It has been a while since I brought any new fluff,  Around Christmas the nappies I had began to not quite cut the mustard on Little E at night.  I reasoned that I had done over two years of real nappies and Little E would surely be potty trained soon so why spend out on more fluff. Although actually at one time buying new fluff was serious retail therapy for me, sad I know but other fluffy bum mums probably understand.

Why use Fluff? For me it was partly environmental and partly money related.  The Local Authority gives a big cheque to you if you go the fluffy bum route  to enable you to get started with fluff. I also read a study that had suggested a possible link between disposable nappies and male infertility. Only suggested a possible link mind you, but none the less, that is a bit scary. I would be suprised if the big multi national nappy producers didn't get together and bring their financial might to obliterate that study with studies of their own.  Don't get me wrong I am not averse to using disposable nappies.  After our first holiday with Little E lugging an entire case full of fluffy nappies to the Isle of Wight and a pretty stinky case of nappies back I decided high days and holidays would be undertaken with disposables.

Our beautiful nappies!
Revisiting my reasons for using washable nappies made me start using them again last week after a three month abstinence.  I am now thinking that I should invest in some proper night time washable nappies because even if by some miracle Little E is fully potty trained by next week it is unlikely he will be out of night time nappies for quite a long time. My personal favourite nappies are itti bittis (up to about a year old anyway, lovely neat nappies) and then Blueberry nappies which are near perfect but at £19.99 a nappy not the cheapest option.

 There are some great offers at various nappy websites this week so if you are tempted to give them a whirl here are some of my favourites:

Monday, 9 April 2012

#PinAddicts Challenge No 3: Easter weekend

My plan to make a Kindle cover for Pinaddicts has been abandoned for this month at least and my thoughts turned to the Easter weekend and I decided an Easter egg hunt in my Mothers garden for Little E and Cousin B would be fun.  This was a bit of a last minute plan so all ideas of coming up with anything other than 12 chocolate items to go with the 6 clues I made up on the morning of the hunt went out of the window.  My brother and neice (40 and 28 respectively) freely took the mick out of me over the effort I had gone to as it was and there was an outbreak of schoolboy sniggering over my clue that involved rhyming the word 'bush'. Very juvenile indeed.

Here is my pin - in the end I only printed out the Easter circles mainly because Little E jumped on the printer and it is now defunct (so he can add that to his tally of defunct items which consists of one camera, one laptop and the DVD drive on the PC). Had to grit my teeth a bit at that point and remind myself I was devising a fun activity for the kids and we were GOING TO HAVE FUN COME WHAT MAY. Ahem. Anyway, I digress. Back to the Easter clues.

Here's the clues!
Here are two of the clues, Easter circles added and clues handwritten on the back on account of me no longer owning a working printer (sorry to go on about it).

So the hunt itself only took about 10 minutes but they really enjoyed it. As Little E excitedly proclaimed when he found the first egg (whilst hopping from foot to foot) - 'I've won, I've won!' and Cousin B wanted to rehide the eggs and make us find them again. So smiley, chocolatey faces all round. Hooray!

After the Easter Egg hunt we went home to make some Easter Rice Crispy cakes - don't think I need to reproduce a picture of those but the pin is here. I haven't made these in years but they are as yummy as I remember and so easy to make even I couldn't stuff them up (not even on a bad day!).

Little E was not so keen but kept helping himself to the mini eggs on top leaving me to eat the Crispies bit.  I think I might give Weight Watchers a wide berth this Thursday, although how much damage can you really do in two days? I'll let you know....