Two days to finish quilt!

So I am running  behind a bit here, the blanket stitch on the lettering is done - its less than perfect but OK I think overall. Hopefully Becka and baby are more into the 'handmade home' look than a haute couture finish otherwise we are stuffed. I have fitted the walking foot to the machine (a scientific endeavour all of its own if you need a clue there is some great instructions here ) and re-pinned the backing, batting and quilt top together.  

I know I should probably leave this flat somewhere but having a two year old running wild makes it difficult. So it will be all go tonight on the actual scary quilting. Then the binding and then hopefully it will go in the washing machine and won't come out the size of a handkerchief.......Who knew the gentle art of quilting was so stressful! I fully anticipate a jaunt to and from the planet freak out tonight to converse with the inhabitants in a high pitched voice otherwise only audible to dogs. Arrrrrghhhhh!


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