Alice Day!

So here is the finished article! (Not so different to the other shot on the line) It took a few hours to hand sew the binding, mostly in the car until Little E woke up. Turns out I do requests now and he wanted me to sing 'Wind the Bobbin on'.  Very appropriate. So another hour or so this morning and Voila! and into the washing machine it went on a gentle wash. And it came out without having shrunk to dolls house proportions so happy, happy day!

The wonky, bunchy stitching on the bottom!

Nonetheless, I have my happy face on. Its all folded up in its gift bag ready to go to its new home.

To add to the above we are now back from spending several hours with Alice and she is beautiful and small and seems very, very content, Little E was quite gentle with her and not at all jealous of me holding her.  I think she may have Johns brow and Beckas chin and holding her lovely little self made me quite broody........Becka looks entirely fab and we didn't see John because he was off playing a gig in Southampton so it seems all is good and relaxed in the house of family Alice.

Becka liked the quilt too! She didn't mind the wonky bottom and what is more I sneaked a look at the green nursery and can confirm that the quilt would be great in there! I didn't get round to finishing a cushion to go with it and I completely forgot the fabric gift tag too (but I think I got away with that as  hadn't mentioned them to anyone else!). I've been channelling the spirit of a headless chicken for the last week......time to relax.


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