Annie Washbrooks Quilting Quest, Cream Teas and more Cakes...

We had a lovely time this weekend making cakes. Well I did and I thought Little E did too until I saw these pictures, what a sober chops! Never mind he was tucking into the cakes with gusto so I think he was smiling least I hope so, surely he's too young to be comfort eating....As it was such a nice day on Saturday we took a drive out to Annie Washbrooks in Velindre which is a big fabric shop in a collection of barns at the back of someone's house. We have been meaning to go for a while. It is a rabbit warren in there with wall to wall fabric bolts,  a great selection, (particularly for these remote parts) although I'm not sure its the place for a bargain hunt. Mum managed to get some silks to finish a Thai quilt she is repairing for my sister which has nearly turned into a complete remake so she was very happy.

There is always time to stop for cream teas. On the way back we found the very lovely Wenallt tea rooms set up in a farm outbuilding (running theme this weekend!). Friendly staff, lovely tea in a bright teapot and fab cakes and even a hanging quilt for decoration. Recommended. The toilet, which was the main reason for stopping, is  a portaloo by one of the barns (the barn also houses a decaying Triumph Herald, for shame!) thankfully it wasn't the stuff of festival nightmares, it was pristine if draughty.
When we got home I had a mini panic about my own quilt making which is at the stage you see below! It is going to be my first foray into quilting and is a baby quilt for my friend Becka whose baby is due in FIVE DAYS! Arrghhhh! Anyway, I've decided to follow a pattern on Moda Bake shop with a few modifications.  Here's the link Personalized baby quilt.

I'm using an It's a Hoot charm pack. Becka and John don't know if they are having a boy or a girl and have painted the nursery green so I'm hoping the quilt will fit the colour scheme. More about that after I've actually done some work on it!


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