Ironman: Dyfal donc a dyr y garreg

So its the aftermath of IronMan we've shouted ourselves hoarse and I've got a pain between my shoulder blades from all the clapping.  I'm sure this is an insignificant pain compared to what the people who actually did the IronMan were experiencing as they woke up yesterday. I spent about seven great hours out on the course in total and got to see both Matt and Lindsay cycling.  Lindsay was just started to climb St Brides Hill and frankly looked picture perfect.....not the puce, sweaty mess you might expect! As it turns out Matt finished the course and Lindsay just missed the cut off point of the cycling having cycled most of the 112 miles, a completely stirling effort in what they are describing as the hardest Ironman in the World but I am sure she is nonetheless disappointed in the extreme. Andrew who was running to raise money for his little girls new wheelchair also did not finish. Had I had not met these people in person and/or online I don't think I would have spent quite as long on the course cheering for them and everyone else.  

It was a really mixed bag weather wise but the rough windy conditions were consistent throughout. We retired home after the second torrential downpour on account of being soaked to the skin, leaving the athletes toughing it out for several more hours. It was an impressive display of physical and mental strength from all entrants. JJ returned to the course at 8.00 in the evening and said the athletes were so grateful for the encouragement at that time. A completely inspiring and exhilarating day.

Well done Iron men of Wales! 

And to those who did not conquer the course this year, come back next year, or anytime in the next 4 years the Ironman will be in Wales.

To use a Welsh saying 'Dyfal donc a dyr y garreg' which roughly translates to   'Constant hammering WILL break the stone'. 



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