Three days to finish the quilt!

So, there is 3 days until we pack up the car and go to see pressure then! 

Here is 'Alice' appliqued onto the quilt using bondaweb....I've decided to add it to the quilt before quilting because rather than quilting in straight lines 2 inches apart as per the pattern I am quilting in horizontal and vertical lines joining up the light green sections which means the lines should only cross the name vertically in two tram lines - we will see! I am doing a blanket stitch in white around all the letters to secure them and hopefully they won't fray too much when washed.

This is the back of the quilt modelled by Little E. As I said in an earlier post all the additions to the pattern meant the back was no no longer big enough for the quilt so I added a plain green strip up the back to add width.I got as far as pinning it all together for quilting before deciding I wanted to applique the name on first and so had to unpin it all. I used a font called cooper black which is a particular favourite of mine for children's items being a nice chunky font. It puts me in mind of a 1970's jeans logo which I thought was Lee Cooper but isn't.


So tomorrow blanket stitch and actual scary quilting!


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