The Actual Scary Quilting......

Oh for goodness sake! How hard is quilting!?!

Its like some kind of self inflicted torture, why have I done this to myself? Ha ha! Thats me laughing on the inside, very deep down and quietly. Silent laughing you might say. No outward signs of mirth at all. OK I will stop now.

And I've only quilted in one direction so I have the other direction to look forward to tomorrow. Ok, the top still looks passable which is the most important thing but the bottom is not so good....what I feared would happen has,  the straight line of fabric does not line up with the quilt seams in a very obvious and big way. I am prepared to suspend final judgement at the moment and hope that when its all neatly bound it will look OK.  Everyones first quilt is full of wonky seams right?!

I am not ready to concede defeat just yet!


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