Gender Neutral Quilting....and some peace to do it

So Lovely Becka is having a baby! She seems to like things pretty contemporary so I decided on It's a Hoot charm pack by Moda.  I picked out some of the more 'wishy washy' squares and anything baby pink as we don't know if it is a boy or a girl. As I said previously the nursery is a strong green colour and she doesn't want anything too gender specific so I am mainly sticking with brights.

Also Becka is Swedish and they have some crazy different ideas, have a look at this weeks news on  a pre-school in Stockholm whose goal is to free children from social expectations based on their sex Gender Neutral Swedes.   Actually although I do think its a bit odd avoiding using the pronouns 'him' or 'her', I think I do agree with omitting or at least reducing books like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty from the children's library. 

What purpose do these funny helpless characters awaiting rescue have as role models  in the modern world?

Anyway I digress. I have procrastinated with starting this quilt, as with anything new its a bit daunting.   Also, when do people do all this crafty stuff when they have children?! I finally got Little E settled in bed last night and made myself comfy in front of the sewing machine and JJ says 'Won't that noise wake the baby?' Little E tries to sew his fingers to the machine if he is around when I am sewing so when if not at night? Anyway, this morning I managed to sew three squares, yes three whole squares before he woke up and I had to go to work.  Then I realised I had sewn one square the wrong way up.  Completely shattered, I thought does it really matter? It is an abstract pattern, it has no top and bottom, Becka could be giving birth right now and I still have to learn how to quilt and bind this for her little one. Then my mum turned up to pick up Little E and she decided it did matter and unpicked it for me. 


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