Thoughtful (and speedy!) stitching...

Despite the grey weather we had a nice trip to the beach this weekend. Liitle E found some things I thought we could take home and arrange in a 'nature table' to remind us of our day and to add to on other nature outings. Very creative I thought. 

Unfortunately Little E had other ideas and lobbed them over a bridge into a stream on the way back to the car.

In other news Becka has given birth to a beautiful baby girl called Alice weighing 5lbs 8 oz! John rang us yesterday to tell us the wonderful news and sent us a lovely picture too.

This also means its time to totally freak out on the quilt, sew, sew like the wind!
The arrival of baby Alice got me thinking about little E's arrival. A lovely lady who lives two doors down from me made a Peter Rabbit quilt out of the blue when he was born. We hadn't exchanged more than a few words then but I was so touched over the time and trouble she had gone to for us. Since then we have become friends and I visit most weeks for a gossip and a bit of crafty chat. She was 80 last year and has been quilting for many years and she doesn't laugh at my beginners questions. Of course I have yet to show her any finished work!
By coincidence another family friend made a quilt for Little E which was also Peter Rabbit. 

So many thoughtful people around us willing to make so much effort to  celebrate a new little life. All that thoughtful stitching. Welcome to the World Baby Alice! xxx


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