Last day of quilt making! Off to see Alice!

So I have slept on it, not literally of course, (its tiny and that would be ridiculous) and the wonky stitching on the back gave me nightmares but now I am looking at it again I still like the front, wonky stitching and all. Mum arrived and decided the major wonky seam on the back was glaringly noticeable (even amongst all the other wonky seams) so she upicked it and I resewed it and using a bit of jiggery pokery so it doesn't look nearly so bad.  I've done the stitching in the opposite direction and used this fab tutorial to attach the binding.  I will be sewing the reverse side of the binding on the journey down south in the car - often a journey devoted to sewing and the only opportunity for uninterrupted sewing since Little E came along. Provided he is asleep of course otherwise it is four hours of singing the Wheels on the Bus.....anyway here is a look at the nearly finished quilt. I quite like it, I am quite pleased! (Not the back of course , its a shame its not a little better) but for a first, far from perfect go, I like it.

Yes I am happy.


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