The resolutions...

Finally, Here are the resolutions!

1. Not eat biscuits for breakfast : 8 bourbons is not  a nutritionally perfect breakfast.

2. Stop biting my nails.
Seriously. You are 40. Stop it.


3. The next three are all in the same vein, lets file them under 'Health and fitness'
  • Lose 10lbs by March (2012!)
  • Stop buying clothes a size too small (It only adds to the clutter, see below)
  • Take 30 minutes exercise 3 x a week

This isn't from a standing stop, I do walk with little E into the village and to the beach twice a week already but I would like to start running again, perhaps the goal is a little 10k race.

4. Make time to be peaceful and crafty!

Sewing is my meditation (when not under pressure to complete a project). Too much of my 'craft' time is related to snatched surfing of the net and adding to a list of growing projects I would like to do.....stop surfing, start sewing. This is tied into a number of things , not least Little E getting into a solid routine and staying in bed of an evening. And me turning off the telly. Thats probably a resolution on its own. In fact....

5. Less TV for Little E ands Me. More activities!
TV has crept in a lot more in the last three months, partly me being so busy/tired with Little E's erratic sleeping habits.  I don't like it and it doesn't make me feel great. So more swimming, artwork, cooking! We do make use of the beach regularly (as my blogs pics show! But our once a week cooking has hit the skids and the paints haven't been out since before Christmas )  I found some great blogs to help me with activities

6. Make frugal my financial watchword.
Yes I know, yawn. But nonetheless a combined effort with JJ to finally nail down the finances.

7. Clutterbust on a weekly basis
I've been reading a book called 'Clutter busting' by Brooks Palmer.   The way this guy tells it the people he helps declutter have a Road to Damascus style of realisation where they appear younger and instantly more vigourous as a result of seeing the light and clearing their clutter.  I had to stifle a guffaw and suspend disbelief when he talked about how your cat/dog can internalise your clutter and be ill as a result but hey, what do I know? And maybe when he said they 'internalise your clutter' he actually meant they eat it which could, of course, make them ill. But in all seriousness, I don't know if too much clutter keeps you mired in the past.  I like to think a new future awaits me if I conquer the clutter but actually just being able to find my keys would be nice.

Is 7 too many?


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