Baby Olivia has arrived!

Yes I know two posts in two days! But after the last one I had the call to say my Sister in law had had baby Olivia, and all was well.  This is lovely news as I know she had been anxious about  the birth.  This means I may have to put aside the decluttering (I'm not sure thats possible, the house is a complete state with clothes and boxes pulled out from every room!). But here are my probable makes for baby.....

I have a pattern for some cute booties that I brought from etsy

I like the idea of this 'date of birth' onsie and I think some animal appliqued onsies.....seahorses are particularly poignant for her.....

And so she doesn't feel left out something for her big sister

 I like these (filled with beans/rice) but was originally planning some flat numbers that she could hang on a line like those from here

As usual, I'll be run off my feet trying to complete this little lot, but we will see. 

In the mean time, big congratulations to the family and lots and lots of love. It it such a wonderful time and I remember it with so, so fondly with Little E, treasure every minute xxx


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