Happy New Year!

Happy New Year people! I hope you had a wonderful time. We did, with my Brother and Sister in law, it was quiet (aside from the toddler mayhem), but as SIL is 38 weeks pregnant we had to keep a lid  on the hi-jinxs! I love, love, love New Year, the idea of new starts and washing the old away to make way for the new. Hurray! I can finally be the organised, thin, happy person I was born to be! What a relief . I can cast aside the slummy mummy mantle!

The above probably covers it, but me and JJ did spend some time on the journey back from the New Forest compiling our New Years resolutions.  There was serious talk of making our goals 'specific' and 'measureable' whilst Little E snored away on the back seat. I will summarise them shortly and am considering making them into artwork for the wall so we can keep our eyes on the prize so to speak. No laughing please. Now is not the time for reminding me I have set some of these resolutions several years running.  Now is the time for rallying cries and optimism.It is also the time for finishing off the cakes and biscuits from Christmas.  That particular resolve regarding weight loss starts next Monday.......I mean it.

Once more into the breach dear friends! Once more!


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