Progress on resolutions!

 JJ has disappeared off to work in Crewe and Little E and me are adjusting to a new routine.  The new routine has its unexpected positives, I now get the train to work which means on Mondays and Tuesdays I have 45 minutes uninterrupted reading twice a day (luxury!). Currently I am reading 'The Happiness Project', more about that later I expect.. On arriving in town I get to run a mile and a half to work (ok not far but a start!).  So now I don't have to worry about where I can squeeze in some exercise.  This is a good thing as I am now committed to a 10k run at the Botanic Gardens on 29th April. I also bravely weighed myself  this morning *ahem* 12 and a half stone.

Clutter busting continued in earnest over the weekend with ten black bags of clothes and papers leaving the house for new homes/the tip/recycling centre. It is madly addictive and I don't want to stop now I have started. Does the house look any different following this forcible ejection of life sapping junk? Thats a big no.  But surely sooner or later with persistent weeding out of unloved, unused and unwanted possessions has to have an effect. I remain positive. In the words of Anthony Robbins I am taking 'massive action` on this goal! Last night  I filled two charity bags with more clothes, (suits, dresses, tops) I was a bit dismayed by quite the number of exercise clothes I have. Getting rid of these seems to be a sticking point so I am revisiting that this morning....they remind me of various charity races I have done but as the last was in 2006 they have definately seen better days.  Perhaps they remind me of some of my favourite achievements too - the Great South Run, the London Marathon....But these are past glories and I am supposed to be making room in my life for the new. So with gritted teeth its up the stairs I go.

I have a dream....source

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