St Davids Day makes: Day 2

One St Davids Tree!

I saw lovely Birthday trees over at The Imagination Tree and I saw a beautiful decorated crochet tree at meanyjar, also some plain twigs in a jar in the kitchen at Karins and so The St Davids Tree was born. Its a work in progress Little E and Mam have been busily painting and gluing as well as retrieving Fuschia twigs from the garden. I have plans for Little E to add some more decorative items in the coming days.  For now its Welsh Flags and painted daffodils and it could morph into an Easter Tree when St Davids week is over.

I have been working on a dragon hat.  I cut out the pattern on the train on the way home from work today.  I think I should have checked the pieces at home before sewing them together because and I am going to use a technical term here, they seem to be 'on the wonk'.   I am hopeful I will finish it tomorrow and all will be well.

Working on the train: More haste , less speed.

Tomorrow is St Davids Day so the 'makes' will be Cawl and cakes with the family around for tea!


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