#PinAddicts Pinterest Challenge no. 1

My name is Michelle and I am a PinAddict. 

I can admit this as I am clearly not alone, having dicovered the Pinterest challenge!  The idea is that you actually make something from the vast array of loveliness that you pin to your boards.  I read about the challenge over at The Handmade Mum and traced it back to here.  I've already made and blogged about my travel frame  on Friday before I found the challenge so I'm not sure if I can count it, but here's another picture anyway! Travel photo frame & tutorial here

In case that is not acceptable I have done a take on these melted down crayons into a heart shaped moulds for Valentine's Day.

We drew around Little E's hand to make a Valentine card for his little cousin,  B, whom he adores (She is a whole 3 years older than Little E so has that grown up allure going on). Then melted down some crayons to make the heart shape and after considering a world of 'hand and heart' type quotes wrote 'You are my favourite crayon in the box' on it. We did a red and orange heart combi too but decided that B would prefer the pink. It also has a strip of card on the back to enable it to stand upright. We then posted it  off, because it's much more exciting to get a card in the post. More mysterious. We won't be confessing it came from us,  she will have to find the hand that fits to discover the identity of her Prince Charming in a kind of reverse Cinderella thing...

I am looking forward to next challenge already!


  1. Love the little travel photo frame. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I love your basket but couldn't figure out how to reply....a bit new to all this, subscribed to the RSS feed but still hasn't dawned on me.

  2. Love the frame, love red and grey together. Card is cute too.

  3. That card is so lovely. Little Es cousin will be chuffed to get it I'm sure. Thanks for joining the #pinaddicts x x

  4. She was delighted with it, Ive just spoken to her Mum. Such a small effort so appreciated!


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