St Davids Day makes: Day 1

We decided to do some arts and crafts with a Welsh flavour, so having trawled the internet for some ideas (some of which are pinned here on pinterest) Here are our first two 'St Davids Makes', a Daffodil garland which we saw on The Imagination Tree and a daffodil corsage. It is a short week, what can I say it was a busy weekend visiting our adorable new cousin Olivia and so we are belatedly starting our creating. Also the week culminates at the weekend (rather than the 1st March) with the Saundersfoot St Davids Festival including the Cawl Cooking Championship followed by the Llanelli Half marathon. I'd like to tell you I am competing in these but I'm actually sampling the soup in the former and cheering my Brother on in the latter.

So back to the makes: Heres the felt corsage now adorning my coat. The sewing could be neater and more even but I quite like it....

I will add a pic of Little E's garland tomorrow in the light.  Rather dimly I was unaware that our Welsh emblem has six petals when I drew his flowers for painting and so little E's flowers have only five but I think we will get away with it. Its the spirit of the thing we are celebrating!


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