Quilts number 2 and 3?

I am liking the look of these retro inspired designs called Children at Play by Sarah Jane. There is another little girl on the way for our family and she is due in January. I am a bit unsure because her Mummy who is also my lovely sister-in-law is not a fan of all things homemade! 

I particularly like the pinwheels. There was a nice tutorial in Handmade Living magazine to make little pinwheels as brooches or decorations, I am sure these could be incorporated into the quilt or a matching cushion or even cot mobile. I'm thinking about it....

Whilst looking for a pic of Handmade Living I found a free download of the first issue.  Here is the link .  There are lots of great new magazines out there, I've just finished a subscription to Making and started one to Craftseller. Are these magazines a response to our materialistic lifestyles? A crafty quest for a simpler life with more value? Thats probably a question for another post.

Anyway, quilts. I also have a Soul Blossoms charm pack which I thought I would make a garden inspired lap quilt with either for my mum or for my sister for Christmas. So thats quite a lot to fit in, should I decide to attempt both! 

Let the stress commence! ;) 


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