Halloween planner: Polka Dot cake & GingerDead Men

So I have decided we will go to the local play Farm on Little E's actual birthday and have a family only Halloween party on, well, Halloween so he can get together with his cousin and play dress up.  

I saw this cake over at Snowybliss and I am in love! (great staging too!) I even contemplated buying the 'Babycakes' cake pop maker used in the recipe, which only seems to be available in the States.  However since its about £40 in postage alone I think I'll wait for someone to import these bad boys for me. Though fantastically cute they are not essential and you can make cake pops without one (which comprise the 'polka's' in the cake).  Have I been living in a bubble? I've never heard of cake pops and they seem to be everywhere. Anyway Little E is as keen on spiders as he is on Bob the Builder at the moment so I think he would like this as a birthday cake!

I am also feeling the love for this funny cookie cutter and so I bought one.  We will see if they look as cute as the picture, I think they will be nice Halloween gifts wrapped in cellophane with coloured ribbon.

Little E's birthday is not too far off now so I really should get my skates on and make a plan that comprises more than cakes and biscuits....


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