So that was Halloween...

....all the build up, all the anticipation.

And I was ill.

I felt really rough, laid low with some kind of virus pretty much from Thursday evening and still feeling the effects. Several times JJ said 'are you sure you are up to doing this party?' and each time the answer 'of course, of course' (I was in denial, I am almost never ill). On the day I was like the cold, clammy, walking dead so that was appropriate if nothing else. My neice's flight was delayed several hours from New York and everyone was late turning up. I gave up trying to make the spider cake topper and the halloween cake pops and the botched Toffee apples ended up in the bin.

On the up side, the kids enjoyed it , even if Little E refused to don his spider outfit for more than a few moments, they made halloween cards and decorated halloween cakes. The gingerdead men were pretty good, if not entirely like the picture on the packet (when are they ever?!)and the cake inspired by Snowybliss tasted great although was also a little lacking in the looks department but not being the superficial types we woofed it down anyway.

Pretty subdued Halloween decor I think.
Littel E: Candles are for blowing out!

The kids cakes they decorated. They shunned the idea of spider cakes with liquorice legs and had their own creative ideas.  Mostly this involved putting everything they had on the cakes.
More is always more in children's world!

Spider cake with a birthday candle


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