Listography: Five famous folk I used to fancy as a teenager....

So I've paid a visit to Meanyjar and Kate's list of their top 5 teenage crushes and decided to take part in my first listography. So after a great deal of thought here's my Teenage Kicks....

1. Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) in View To a Kill
Definately one of the first to float my boat.....not sure why,  he was evil in this film, ruthless baddies are not usually my thing.  

2. Morten Harket AHa
Just Lovely! I'm standing by this one. I still would.

3. Surely this pair only count as 1? Jon Bon Jovi and Joey Tempest of Europe.
This pair adorned my walls as a teenager.  Greasy long haired rockers were the order of the day.

4. Aye Blossom, its Christopher Lambert in Highlander.
The intense stare, and more lank, long hair. 

5. Tom Selleck
An oldie and a goodie. Not to mention pass master of the cookie duster. 
I know Tom appears on a few peoples list but I am sure I can't be a lone in my teenage adoration for the others ? Surely?!


  1. Wow you like them rugged!

    Surely Jon and Joey are the same person??

  2. I believe it to be so. Europe never managed to emulate Bon Jovi's success (well, not outside of Sweden) and so he was able to devote himself to his Jon persona.

  3. ha ha ha Highlander with his lank hair, love it!


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