Cakey bakey.

A week of cake making! Firstly a slugterra cake for my little ones 6th birthday. Most of his friends don't seem to have heard of slugterra so it was a mystery to them. It was a bit lop sided and putting on the logo I had carefully cut out at one in the morning was a mistake as it was on super wonky! (hence the side shot of the cake ha ha!) I just could not face prising it off and having to a fixing job on the fondant. Still Evan was delighted so that's all that mattered on the day. What a lovely day we had.

Cake number two was for my brother who completed the Kona ironman in Hawaii a few weeks ago.  time was short so it didn't turn into the two tier finale I had planned, in fact I only had time to do a little swimmer, no cyclist or runner , I didn't even have time to ice his time on the top!(10 hours 16 minutes, he is a machine!). Evan made one of the palm trees and seemed pretty pleased with himself. I think my brother was pleased. Always hard to tell.

How do you get nice neat edges on fondant when you cut it out? And how do you carefully place it on that cake without distorting it at all? I tried adding some tylose to make the shape hold a bit better which does help but too much dries the fondant and it starts to crack.


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