#Pinaddicts 6: Memory Game & Olympic Medals

It is #Pinaddicts time again and my much neglected blog is starting to predominately composed of my pinaddicts makes....so here we go for July.

                                                                     My version

I did attempt this without reading the tutorial and so I made each square individually. Provided you have an extremely sharp pair of pinking shears the tutorial shows a much quicker way.  I was not happy with the finish on my first square using the pinking shears and so I ended up using two layers of felt stitched together with a thick piece of card inbetween.  We used pictures of little E's favourite people and them some stock photographs of things he likes, starfish, pinecones, the moon etc.

                                                 Make number two: Olympic medals

We used a cookie cutter to cut our medals out and I just used a knife to carve the numbers into the dough before drying out. Tesco had some nice metallic paints a couple of weeks ago so I got some gold, silver and bronze which I am sure will be used again for more olympic themed crafts.

Hung on blue ribbon, we did order ribbon with British flags on for these but it didn't arrive in time.

We are a bit light on pics showing the process but the last week has been fraught. Little E's sleeping habits have gone haywire in an off the scale kind of way and I am shattered.  JJ is finally home after 6 months working away (not a moment too soon) and we are now at his parents in the New Forest and heading off to Butlins on Monday for a big family holiday (there's also a little spa afternnon in there for us girlies so....Hooray!)

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