Nearly finished Christmas quilt and next projects!

So here is the nearly finished Christmas quilt, I'm quite happy with it so far and showed it to Mam today and she loves it so I am really really, really pleased.  It will have red binding and I will quilt in straight lines, maybe stitch in the ditch but I am undecided as my stitching tends to hop in and out of the ditch. I don't find it especially easy. Hopefully I can finish it the first week back in January.

Next project is a  Travel photo frame  as JJ is going away to work and mentioned taking a photograph of  little E. I think it could be a difficult few months with him away from home so much but I am sure we will manage. Although Little E was restless and not quite himself when JJ went away on a training course recently and that was only for a week. Still this cute frame can go with him and sit beside his bedside.

Besides that Sister in Laws new baby is due in January and so I will need to get on with appliquing some onsies and perhaps a picture for the nursery....I an mulling over some ideas.


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