A shaft of sunlight and swirling motes

Why do people write blogs? I was thinking about the blogs I frequent and remembered something I read last year about a lady who writes a lovely blog about her home, her family, the lovely things she makes and posts beautiful inspiring pictures of these. I had visions of her living on a remote farm where she rose at five to pluck still warm eggs from under the chickens, milked the goat and set about hand dying yarn in her kitchen using water from the stream and natural plant dyes.  Well something along those lines anyway, I forget the details.  She blogged that she had received comments attacking her, for misrepresenting herself and her life, pretending to be something she was not, lying to the people who read her blog.  She was understandably upset. Of course she could be residing in a bedsit in Clapham nursing a fantastic imagination but presumably her life isn't a complete fabrication.

It did make me think about how what we focus on is what our lives become.  I could fill this blog with details of the miserable episodes of my life (many and varied!)  and some people might even read it and commiserate with me.  We could form a grim allegiance. Or I can write about my son who makes me happy every day, my latest sewing project or book acquisition, the things I grow. I can assemble these into a beautiful collage in my mind or post them here where anyone or no-one might look at them. Of course things get dark sometimes but for the most part, I will be posting about things that make me happy, my life with a shaft of sunlight and swirling motes if you will....and maybe the odd rant about the news, I can't guarantee that won't happen.  The truth can be an entirely subjective thing but the facts are I live in a seaside town in South Wales with my son and partner. I got a sewing machine for my birthday last year and before that hadn't sewn more than a button on since I was at school. At the moment my ideas outstrip my ability but I am learning all the time. This blog is primarily for me, to focus my ideas and projects into pretty pictures but if you find any crafty inspiration as I did with farmhouse lady's blog you can take it away for free! Everybody loves a freebie.


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