Sunday, 13 October 2013

9 months incommunicado......

It's been 9 months since I last posted.  9 months. I wish I could say I found out I was pregnant and have an expanded family that takes up all my time, but no.  Regrettably the abstinence coincides more or less with:

1. Starting full time work (what a YAWN that is, why would anyone do that?)
2. OH disapprearing off to Grimsby to work for the last 8 months.

So here I am and maybe the reason I am back writing again is to try and break a rut.

There are lot of great things in my life, things that make me happy every day.  But there is also this feeling that I should be doing something else or that there must be more than this 9 to 5.  Thankfully I work with some nice people and am mindful that it is not a great time to be unemployed. But if all I do is focus on the good I know I will remain stuck and grateful and in a state of stasis. I don't know if something fundamental needs to change or just a small thing but things are not right.

So I signed up for the 30 day challenge, after a lot of dithering and umming and arr-ing.  It is conducted online and the idea is that at the end of 30 days you have started something or launched something.  I am unsure what the something is but hopefully something will present itself as the project progresses and save me from myself!

Hopefully I might even find time to blog about it.....

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The post-Christmas round up!

Ok so this is probably a seriously missed boat but  here is a summary of Christmas makes.  Considering how busy we were I think we were fairly productive. First off Christmas stockings.  Made for the most part using this cute template at Citrus Holiday and the addition of some jingle bells.  I love the shape!

Did you see all the ads in practically every magazine you may have bought between about August and December for the very brilliant chocolate/ginger bread man house mould? Yeah I got suckered into buying one.  It was like a gradual brain washing I saw the ad so often.......and then on the trip to Bath I found myself in Lakeland and the mould was in my bag. (By which I mean in my shopping basket, I didn't pinch it...)

 The finished product, decorated with assitance from Little E. Definately one where the focus is on the fun process and not the perfect product at the end.  It took a lot of chocolate to fill the moulds and we didn't even get around to eating it! 
Next, Mother in law gave us a glass jar of gingerbread mix.....

...and we made gingerbread Christmas trees for some friends at playgroup.  We brought some green roll out icing and tried cutting out the icing with the Christmas tree cutter and sticking onto the finished gingerbread with jam.  We also tried piping with 'wet' icing.  Can you tell this baking and cake decorating thing is not my forte! I know what I mean. Anyway, both ways were equally good I think but somehow piping the wet icing did look more complete (and is cheaper to do). They were really yummy.
And finally a Christmas cake made with one of those packs with all the ingredients already in it from Morrisons I think. With the additional of quite of lot of extra glace cherries, it was lovely if a little bumpy looking with a distinctly 'homemade' look. Little E felt a vampire bat button completed the decorations.
That is all.  I have decided that I may make a couple more stockings in advance of next Christmas as gifts.  Also I have bought a few presents on the sales which is incredibly organised of me! But come the 31st of January that will be all thoughts of Christmas over until at least November!