Sunday, 13 October 2013

9 months incommunicado......

It's been 9 months since I last posted.  9 months. I wish I could say I found out I was pregnant and have an expanded family that takes up all my time, but no.  Regrettably the abstinence coincides more or less with:

1. Starting full time work (what a YAWN that is, why would anyone do that?)
2. OH disapprearing off to Grimsby to work for the last 8 months.

So here I am and maybe the reason I am back writing again is to try and break a rut.

There are lot of great things in my life, things that make me happy every day.  But there is also this feeling that I should be doing something else or that there must be more than this 9 to 5.  Thankfully I work with some nice people and am mindful that it is not a great time to be unemployed. But if all I do is focus on the good I know I will remain stuck and grateful and in a state of stasis. I don't know if something fundamental needs to change or just a small thing but things are not right.

So I signed up for the 30 day challenge, after a lot of dithering and umming and arr-ing.  It is conducted online and the idea is that at the end of 30 days you have started something or launched something.  I am unsure what the something is but hopefully something will present itself as the project progresses and save me from myself!

Hopefully I might even find time to blog about it.....

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